Customview Where condition not working

“treetype” => “object”,
“name” => “Sample”,
“icon” => “/bundles/pimcoreadmin/img/flat-white-icons/pimcore-main-icon-product.svg”,
“id” => 2,
“rootfolder” => “/”,
“showroot” => FALSE,
“classes” => “42,13,34”,
“position” => “left”,
“sort” => “5”,
“expanded” => false,
“where” => “o_key LIKE ‘/Productmap/%’”,

I want here to create a perspective in which display the objects which satisfy the where condition, but if I remove the where condition, its showing object (all object), but i want to use where condition, because, i want to display only objects from specfic folders.

please check your condition is valid maybe you are looking for something like “o_path LIKE ‘/Productmap/%’”

Yes… My post was wrong, but I tried with “o_path LIKE ‘/Productmap/%’”… not working

where condition is working with o_type but not with o_path


Here, in “where” condition, if I user o_id >= 12, then the output is correct,
(e.g) will get folder_name4,folder_name6, folder_name7 and and folder_name8 and object also which has the ID > 12.

But if I use o_path LIKE “%folder_name5%” OR o_path LIKE “%folder_name7%”, the output is empty.

Actually I am trying to display select folders and objects from selected folder from the below folder structure.