[DACHCOM-Formbuilder] how to populate "template" field

I’ve installed pimcore-formbuilder to make it easier to generate basic forms in Pimcore. Everything works great, but I’m not sure how to populate the “template” field here:


I don’t see that information in the documentation, but let me know if I’m just overlooking it.

Funny, i just checked the docs but i think we missed that part… however, you can add or change them by set the config to:

                    value: 'col-xs-12'
                    label: 'form_builder_type_template.full'
                    default: true
                    value: 'col-xs-12 col-sm-6'
                    label: 'form_builder_type_template.half'
                    default: false
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Sounds good. I’ll take a look at it. Great plugin! Sure makes generic forms much easier.

EDIT: Yup, works great!

Could you inform where is this config file?

The first mention of options is in https://github.com/dachcom-digital/pimcore-formbuilder/blob/master/docs/0_Usage.md but it doesn’t mention where is this file should be edited.

Also, the form.field.templates mentioned in this thread is also not listed in the usage docs.

Update: I assumed that this file is in PIMCORE/app/config/config.yml and it seems this is correct. There’s still no mention of form.field.templates.