[DACHCOM-Formbuilder] send user copy

@solverat in formbuilder, how exactly does the “send user a copy” checkbox work. How does it know who to send it to? Or am I expecting too much? Do I need to handle the code to actually send to the user?

hey @justbane. You’re not expecting too much. Just add the recpient to the “to:” field as placeholder in your copy email template.

Example: If you’re having a form containing a field with “email” as name, you need to add “%email%” placeholder to the “to:” field. Make sure that you have added the “notblank” validation to the field, otherwise you’ll face some exceptions due the send process.

Read more about it here: https://github.com/dachcom-digital/pimcore-formbuilder/blob/master/docs/10_MailTemplates.md

Perfect. Thank you sir… I must stop reading “the majority” of things.