DAM - Adding support for media/image annotations?

Pimcore has a Edit feature with a tiny editor, which probably gets almost no use. However, a Review feature would be very useful. In Google Docs I can select an area of an image and write a note. This of course is how teams collaborate. There are a bunch of html5 scripts that do this annotation.

Of course the metadata generated such as the location of the box, size and text would need to be tied to versions. Notes & Events of Properties (which I do not understand) do not seem to be versioned.

Are there any plans on the roadmap to have an image review tool? Seems way more useful than a tiny image editor.


Restated: Is there a way to do approval process workflow where I can annotate / markup the media? I just need to tell designers fix this, that, etc.

You could use a data object as cointainer and workflow with the image advanced component to add annotations and markers



Thank you, this essentially outlines the solution. I will work on it. Generally, I would think annotation for review is such an important core feature of DAM that it would be out of the box. That said, I see your implementation through workflow, and suspect there are other ways, and Pimcore wants to remain flexible. Much appreciated.