DAM for Community Edition

We have PIM installed, and have been able to add many Assets and DataObjects. Our version of Pimcore is v6.6.10. Now we are looking at how to install the DAM. There are other threads on how to install it, but they all say it needs to be paid for. This seems to contradict what is shown here: https://pimcore.com/en/platform/subscription
Based on that, the community edition should have free access to DAM.

Assuming that I’m correct that DAM is free, I’m having trouble when running composer update with the git repository linked here: https://pimcore.com/docs/DAM/Development_Documentation/Installation_Update.html

I generate the token, copy it into the terminal, but then it says git repository not found. The page where you generate the token has a list of OAuth scopes, and it has “repo” checked by default. Do I need to uncheck some of these options?

Any help would be appreciated,

That bundle is not free, not sure how you found the docs for it though

@PiggiesGoMoo DAM in community edition is the assets section that is free for all.
The one you are trying to install is an enterprise extension.


Thank you, that clears it up.