DAM - Where are Share and Collection functionalities ?

Hi, we are thinking to use Pimecore as our main DAM to handle 1To of assets for 40 users. We tested Pimcore version 6.8 on our server and it looks great. However, some features seems to be missing. We weren’t able to find any trace of collection or share functionality, it’s not possible to tag files on search result either. Google (cache) says that these functionalities were available in previous versions (5.x Frontend Bundle ?). Am I missing something ? Is there a plugin out there to do this things or do we need to develop it ? Thanks in advance. (Sorry fo my bad english, i’m french by the way).

Hello @abernot and welcome to the Pimcore Community!

The functionality you are mentioning is not included in the Community Edition yet, it is called Asset Portal, please see here for more information

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