DataObject and permalink


Hi guys,

I am new on Pimcore and we told me to use DataObject to manage and create posts news. It works great except that a DataObject does not have an URL.

If I compare Pimcore to WordPress, in WordPress a post has his own permalink, but not in Pimcore.

I have read the documentation on Pimcore and my DataObjects ‘news’ are not accessible using a static route. For example, my first news can be read if I go to! Jesus, that was not easy…

But there is a problem:

  1. How to link my english news to the french news? Is it possible?
  2. If not possible, how do you manage posts News on Pimcore?
  3. If possible, how does it work with a the language switcher? If I’m not mistaken, it only work with Documents, not DataObject?

Thanks you!



Pimcore doesn’t automatically create any routes for objects, either use symfony routes or Pimcore static routes for that.



So you are telling me that:

  1. It is impossible
  2. ? - Am I right if I use Data Object for my post News ?
  3. The language switcher will never work with Data Object and routes?

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. Of course it does work, but you have to take care that the News is also available in other languages. For Static routes you only need to change the language param