Dataobject Image Gallery


Have some questions with the pimcore image galley.

Have you to render this in output?
and how you get data to front-end?

Thanks and best regards

Hi @sandra-walker,

Here’s an example with Twig. First pass your object(s) containing the image gallery to the view.

public function myControllerAction()
    // Fetch your objects here ...

    return $this->renderTemplate('PathTo/view.html.twig', [
        'objects' => $objects,

Then you can render the images in your view like so, for example:

{% if objects is iterable and objects is not empty %}
        {% for object in objects if object.imageGallery is not empty and object.imageGallery.items|length > 0 %}
                {% for image in object.imageGallery.items %}
                    {{ image.thumbnail('my-thumbnail-config').html()|raw }}
                {% endfor %}
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the effort… never used twig. Only PHP

Should work the same with PHP, just different syntax.

Protip: You should change to Twig, it waaaaay better. :wink:

Why another template engine? :laughing::rofl:
PHP is great! Thanks aaron! Give it a try.

Cause you can do dirty things in PHP where no business logic should be. And trust me, if people have the chance to make business logic in a template, they do :wink:

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And cause the php engine has been deprecated by symfony :wink:

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