Decimal size/precision of data type "Number" and "Quantity value"


I have two questions regarding decimal size & precision of the data types “Number” and “Quantity Value”.

Number: As I know, according the SQL standard both, decimal size and precision must be defined. And even if size is set to 0 (no decimals) the precision must be defined with 1 ( 0 <= s <= p). But when i do so (size 0 & precision 1) I get the error message “Decimal precision must be a value between 1 and 65”. Does somebody know the reason/problem?

Quantity value: Is there a reason why it is not possible to define the decimal size for the data type “Quantity value”? -> We use PIMCore version 5.5.4

Thanks @ all

ad number: size can’t be 0 … needs to be between 0 and 65 - see also

ad quantity value:
is not implemented yet, see also - PRs are welcome.