Deep link into object folder

I have a folder and inside are a lot of product data objects.

Lets say the deep link into the folder with ID 321 is:

Is there any possibility to add some extra parameters to query/filter the objects?
In the admin backend you can use “search” or “direct SQL query” to filter the result.
But there is no way to save the filter…

What i am look for is something like (META code!)[Producttype = Zubehoer]

Result: All products in the folder grid with filter: producttype = Zubehoer (= Accessories)

I need the deep links for email/workflow integration. Inside the email will be the deeplink and when you click on the link you will see the filtered result

Thanks for any idea!

Merry X-mas

hmm, already had a look at ?


Thank you Christian,

it really took a while, but i managed it to install the Advanced Object Search

Some things about the installation. It only works with ES 6 and not 7.5.
But this info is part of the documentation.

Maybe you can add the following hints to the Advanced Object Search documentation:

To install Elasticsearch 6 … finally the command was
apt-get update && apt-get install elasticsearch=6.1.1

An additional Apache2 change was in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf

LimitRequestLine 1000000
LimitRequestFieldSize 1000000


if you get the error message “Request URI too long”. I got this error if the search result contains a lot of objects. After the modification the error was fixed.

About my request, a “deep link” for an advanced search would be a great feature: