Default route for bundle/extension


Hi, I am quite new to Symphony, and trying to refactor a Pimcore 4 Extension to a Pimcore 5 bundle.

But I can’t find how the default routing works, in PC4 it was like:

But How will the default work in PC5? I see this:
$collection->add(‘tappaya_crm_homepage’, new Route(’/’, array(
‘_controller’ => ‘TappayaCrmBundle:Default:index’,

But I cannot see how the front URL has to be called? These won’t work:

  • /plugins/tappaya_crm
  • /plugins/tappaya_crm_homepage
  • /tappaya_crm_homepage
    (and I tried more variations).

Also when I try to change the route, still gives only 404’s:
$collection->add(‘crm_homepage’, new Route(’/admin/crm/’, array(
‘_controller’ => ‘CrmBundle:Default:index’,

Cleared cache, reload… nothing works!


routes as they worked in Pimcore 4 are not available anymore, you have to create the yourself using Symfony Routing:

if you use the YAML way, put a new config into your bundle:



Yes I found that, so I choose PHP format and added:
$collection->add(‘crm_homepage’, new Route(’/admin/crm/’, array(
‘_controller’ => ‘CrmBundle:Default:index’,

The PHP files are loaded, but /admin/crm/ still gets me a 404.