Delete on grid view


I have create one user and set DataOfficer role, and we set only view permission for the object data.

Now i opening the object list in a grid view and right click on this,i see the delete option, now click on the delete option it’s return the permission error this is fine, but i suggest shouldn’t give the delete option.

Please check if am i wrong.

HI Rushit,

Did you reload the instance after doing the roles setup?
Also try removing cache and refresh the instance.

Yes @shashanks0110, we have checked with cache clear and reload the instance.
Also we have checked in Pimcore demo

@rushit-credencys this seems to be an issue.We can create this issue on github.


That’s a limitation related to workspace permissions.

Consider the situation when user has delete permission on some items and selecting all then right click menu. We cannot hide delete option completely as some items still have delete permission, so it is complicated.


Yes, @dvesh3
We are agree with you, but i think we should completely hide delete button, when permission is set for particular folder and this folder have only one selected objects data.

because we are face this issue, we are save the object data in particular folder, and in this folder we are save only one selected object data.

what you say about this case?