Difference between installation packages

What’s the exact difference between the 4 installation packages? Is it correct that there are demo packages which contain demo data and that the skeleton installation is a clean installation, but in functionality they are all the same?


  • skeleton package - you start your new projects with this. You have got all functionalities, but no data to be able to create your custom product.
  • basic demo package (php templates) - it is a demo-project (shows example how your project build on skeleton can looks like - you have got there a lot of examples which help you with implementation). This one uses PHP Engine as templates (this is mainly because previous Pimcore versions was on Zend and Twig wasn’t there default engine template)
  • basic demo package (twig templates) - analogous as above, but using Twig Engine for templates (as Symfony does by default)
  • Advanced demo package - as above but with more data and more bundles preinstalled (e.g. eCommerce)

Both of demo versions you can see also already online - just check https://pimcore.com/en/try.

Yes that’s correct because demo packages are just to show how features can be used. However in Advanced demo you will see more features because more bundles/extensions are preinstalled.

I hope it helped a little :slight_smile:


Well I’m running the Bitnami Pimcore stack right now (which works for me) and I deleted the demo objects and assets and created new objects to add products. So correct me if I’m wrong: according to your answer I need to install the skeleton package?

The Pimcore demo versions are offline right now and I need to decide which version to install today.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


It is NOT MUST-HAVE - you can do it also with demo and then delete objects (just as you did). The question is where you want to start - from “blank page” or from “something is ready I’ll just customize it to my needs”

Just to be clear - I wrote:

because from my experience most of new projects don’t want predefined objects, documents, twig templates etc. For me the best way is usually (not always) start with skeleton (and just look on some demo solutions) because I can choose by myself what should be there and what not - I’m adding not removing. With demo you have predefined data so to customize it you need to remove some of them and customize to your needs.

IMO: You should actually start with the skeleton for a new project, otherwise you have a lot of data and code you don’t need and you have to clear all of that up. Most likely you will forget something and in a few months time you don’t know anymore what that is. So having a clean installation is better for a new project.

@dpfaffenbauer Thanks for your advice! :slight_smile: