Disable field collection field after load object

How can i disable the field collection field. i want when the be load…the collection data field…non edidatble part should be true,so that it will be disable. Plz check the screen shot

Please try to ask you question in proper English.

The fieldcollection data is displaying in class object. I want one field in disable mode when its being list. because it’s check true or false for that particular field. So it’s can be handle through this “{ name: kernel.event_listener, event: pimcore.admin.class.fieldcollectionList.preSendData, method: classFieldCollectionListPreSendData }”? how to use this? or any other option?

Also 1 more issue is facing…

When i change field collection data directly in database the reflection not come in the admin panel but when i do change through admin panel, its work fine. but i want when i do change directly in the database it should show also properly in the admin panel.