Disable public URLs for Snippets

Hi there!

I have various Snippets in my Documents folder in my PimCore admin that are reusable parts of the site or layout modules. For example: my.site/System/Snippets/footer

Now my problem is that if I open up my web browser and type in https://my.site/System/Snippets/footer/
I get an unstyled page with the raw HTML content that was put together in PimCore’s page editor. Problem is that these snippets are of course only meant to be used as parts of the overall page or certain pages but not on their own.

Is there a way to prevent PimCore from generating public URLs for each Snippet?
So my expected behavior is that Snippets don’t have a URL associated with them you can only get their HTML content via the PHP API from within the application. Is that possible?

I’m on PimCore v5.6.5.

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