Disk space (need over 9000!)

I took the old project to the “other” CMS and made a copy on Pimcore
Two pages and a dozen objects
Cache size over 300 megabytes!

This is normal?
P.S. Prototype takes about 10 megabytes

Is your maintenance cronjob running? Also check how many versions of each object,asset and document is saved.
This could clear some space.

Not. I created an almost empty training project.
There are three pages on which two lists of ten objects are displayed.

Did you check which folders are the biggest for your empty Pimcore 6 training project?




Are you running in dev mode maybe? Pimcore writes A LOT of logging in dev mode, you can easily fill up gigabytes per day on a site with many visitors.

Yes - debugging. It’s a good news :slight_smile:
But the size of the cache is still insane.