Display product data objects in alternate hierarchy

We have product data objects in the Pimcore tree view. They are organized based on our ERP system. In Pimcore we also have Ecommerce Category data objects and Manufacturer-Brand data objects. I would like to be able to browse products by these alternate structures.

I was thinking about adding a button when you right-click a category object that would then show a tab with a list of products associated with that category. I would do the same for the manufacturer-brand.

Is this the best way to do this? Any suggestion to get started? I am running pimcore 5.7.3.

Kindly have a look

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Thank you Neha. I did see this but I don’t understand how to install it into Pimcore?

I didn’t see that there is no option to install the plugin but you can download the plugin and then place the contents of src folder of plugin in your src folder and then install and enable the plugin.

In your src folder create folders Elements > Bundle > AlternateObjectTreesBundle
and copy code