Docker Pimcore Github CI

I’m pretty new to Pimcore and Symfony so a general question came up.

Is there a way to integration my Pimcore Project into an Continious Integration Pipeline? So what I want do do is developing on my local machine and just syncing all the required stuff onto the server and have sort of version control. For now I create my project local, upload it to my server and connect via FTP. So there is no version control etc… Maybe there is a solution with docker? By the way: what would be the advantages using docker and Pimcore together?

Use git for version control
Use deployer ( for deployment

Docker only makes sense if you need to scale very fast very quickly. Otherwise it might be a dev-op overkill.

Thanks for your answer! I integrated Pimcore-deployer in the composer.json
I am already using GitHub. So i create a repository and upload all the Pimcore stuff. So I need to run MariaDb on my local machine and on my server, am I right? Or do I only need to run it on my local?

well, the deployment server need to have a mysql server running, obviously…

locally you can run docker for dev, so there also runs a mysql server