Documents list on pimcore admin interface is empty

Pimcore fail to load files on documents after installing. There is nothing on the pimcore admin interface on the documents folder listed. I did loading, cache clear, permissions check and nothing works. If i use pimcore version 5 it does work, but version 6 no.

Have you verified that the documents exist in your Pimcore database?

Yes they do. I had the same problem previously but after cleared cashes they appeared again but this time no.

Are you attempting to upgrade your version of pimcore? If so what version are you upgrading from?

Have you tried creating a new document and saving it to see if there’s a discrepancy between column formats?

Sorry for all the questions, but I recently performed a Pimcore 6 upgrade for a larger site and ran into some nuances along the way which I might be able to help with with a bit more info.

@RedYetiCo no problem, actually i am just installing it, it’s new project following pimcore documentation on the installation. I did install for three times and again there are no documnets, i tried to create something and it doesn’t creates it shows error to load. Do not know what the problem may be…

any error messages in log files or in browser console?


Hi @Egzona

Try bin/console pimcore:cache:warming

This is not the right solution according to me but this will help…

Also this might also help you.

I want to ask… Which OS are you working on?

I have found that locally, when I install assets, sometimes the administration doesn’t load properly due to the user which started the script (namely, not the web user). If you’re using a Linux distro, make sure that your web folder is always owned by the web user (on Ubuntu, that’s most commonly www-data).

For Linux, a helpful tip:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data web

This changes ownership for the entire web folder to the www-data user and you should then have no issues.

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Sorry for my late reply, I am using linux and that didn’t work but switching to perspectives did the trick.