Does the DataHub make the OutputDataConfigToolkit obsolete? How is this related?

When installing the advanced Demo I notice a lot of bundles being installed. One of it is the OutputDataConfigToolkit:

Basically this is adding an additional tab to the Admin UI of each data object where you can define how the output should look like for multiple output channels.

Anyway the Data Hub provides endpoints where you can query anything with GraphQL just as required. Therefore I wonder if the DataConfigToolkitBundle will become obsolte with Pimcore 7? If not can you explain why we need both and why it is installed when the DataHub is in use? Sorry if this is a nooby question I just try to get a picture which things to use how.

OutputDataConfigToolkit does a complete different job, it defines how you want to display certain data in certain areas, like product-specifications on the website and on print.

DataHub creates an APi.

Thank you very much for the fast answer. So basically the OutputDataConfigToolkit is just a helper / formatter for views?

Yes. That is the purpose of it.

Pimcore overlaps certain functionality in different plugins, but the actual use case is different. Like, you have a similar configuration for grid-views, exports and imports, as well as within the DataHub and the OutputConfigToolkit, but each of these have different use-cases.

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