"Dynamic" Editable?


One more question, sorry guys, but i can´t find a reliable answer in this direction.

Try to descript what i want to achive:

I would like to create a editable where the editor has the ability to define several parametes and choose a kind of “snippet” which is responsible to work with these parameters.

The parameters should be dynamic and be fetched from an external erp.

For example: define minPrice / ProductCategory / ProductType and display a list/view of the defined products (products are not located in pimcore - they are in an external erp).

Is there a possibility, to make an editable so dynamic? Or is it the wrong way i want to go?

Hope somebody can help me - maybe push me in the right direction to go… :wink:

Kind regards,


hey, don’t know if I understood your request the right way. But; have you tried to use pimcore-toolbox?

With the toolbox bundle you can easily create an areabrick with custom settings and in the Class you could fetch your products with the given settings from the areabrick and render it in the view:


Well, sound like the right direction.

Only problem now - the toolbox defines an “image” Brick (but i have already on “image” brick).
Any idea how to disable the toolbox Image Brick ??


Every single areabrick from the toolbox (including your custom ones) can be disabled in the Extensions overview:


Sounds simple - and i’ve forgotten these page - thanks for the hint.

But isn’t so simple - if i disable the Toolbox Image (and clear cache of course) - i get a error 500 :frowning:

Areabrick image is already registered as service ToolboxBundle\Document\Areabrick\Image\Image
(trying to add service app.area.brick.image)
Exception Logs Stack Trace
in vendor/pimcore/pimcore/lib/Extension/Document/Areabrick/AreabrickManager.php (line 100)
AreabrickManager->registerService(‘image’, ‘app.area.brick.image’)
in cache/prod/Container7juincm/appProdDebugProjectContainer.php (line 3803)
$instance->registerService(‘headlines’, ‘app.area.brick.headlines’);
$instance->registerService(‘yorxs-two-columns’, ‘app.area.brick.yorxs_two_columns’);
$instance->registerService(‘wysiwyg’, ‘app.area.brick.wysiwyg’);
$instance->registerService(‘image’, ‘app.area.brick.image’);
$instance->registerService(‘gallery-folder’, ‘app.area.brick.gallery_folder’);
$instance->registerService(‘yorxs-marker’, ‘app.area.brick.yorxs_marker’);
$instance->registerService(‘horizontal-line’, ‘app.area.brick.horizontal_line’);
$instance->registerService(‘gallery-single-images’, ‘app.area.brick.gallery_single_images’);


Yea, this comes because you already defined your own image area-brick. Every areabrick is registered as service as you can see. The service app.area.brick.image can obviously not be defined more than one time. So toggling the image area-brick doesn’t solve that.

An option would be to rename your own image brick


Yes, that was my first intention.
But this led to a lost of already defined content in the documents (because the brick has another name - and the content couldn´t match to the new brick name :frowning:

Will try to disable autowiring for the Toolbox Image Brick … maybe this helps.