EAN codes management


I’ve got a topic with EAN codes.

There is a list of 20 000 unique codes.
Each EAN code can be assigned only to the one article.

On the functional side, I would like to create a field on the screen when creating a new article, in which the system will suggest the first free EAN code from the list (one that is not yet assigned to any article) for the editor.

Could anyone suggest:

  1. how to manage such a list of codes - should I create a DataObject or should I use Select widget and put my list of EAN codes into Selection Options or something else?
  2. what could be the easiest way to make a field with ‘auto-suggest’ of the first unassigned EAN code?

Thank you

I would create a custom Pimcore CoreExtension to properly manage that, but that is quite difficult if you don’t have enough experience with Pimcore.

Easiest Solution might just to create DataObjects with every single EAN Code…