Edit PIM from CMS



I set up a product sheet, part PIM (DataObject), with data security via “custom layout” and a workflow so that each team can enter its part of the product sheet.
Everything works but the ergonomics of the back office are not appreciated by the target users, so I need to use the CMS (Document) part of Pimcore.

Here are my questions, does the CMS part allow you to:

  • select / search a product sheet?
  • create a new product sheet with a simple button?
  • delete a product card with a simple button?
  • that users do not see the menu bars of the back office?
  • to enter the different fields of the product sheet?
  • to use the login accounts of the back office to keep the security set up on the back office with the custom layout?

Do you have any examples?

Thanks for your help