EFS works with Pimcore CLuster Cnfiguration

We are using the pimcore solution and we have our environments setup on AWS EC2 instances with cluster configuration.


As suggested on the above link we have tried using EFS for shared folders like /var. But we are seeing performance issues with that. What is the best Shared File system all the other folks are using with this product?

I haven’t used cluster setup with Pimcore. But from my experience with AWS, EFS has some issues with durability and the speed is approx always 30% slower than EBS. For me most of the times EFS was faster than S3. But also S3 had better durability. If you need shared filesystem, directly you have now option only of EFS or S3 (costwise, S3 will be always better option). So, I would give a try with S3 and see if it makes better. Another option then would be external NAS providers but I have no experience with those. Also try different settings and modes with EFS like performance-mode, storage-class etc.