ElasticSearch Index for documents and objects


I am trying to make a search feature withing Pimcore 5 with ElasticSearch. It should be possible to search in both documents and objects.

I have found many old plugins for Pimcore 4 and references to search index for objects, but nothing that seems to match my criteria. Is there a bundle/plugin that would help me or should I just make my own?

My idea is to hook into the document/object events for postUpdate/postDelete and then add documents/objects to an ElasticSearch-index.


You may like to have a look at new Advance Object Search Plugin: https://pimcore.com/en/resources/blog/new-plugin-advanced-object-search_a1086 which uses elastic search engine.

It is aimed searching objects. But should be easy to extend to search documents as well.


Hey John,

while you’re on it maybe also take a look into adding Assets to the ES index. This would make it really powerful if you plan to publish a plugin.
We would love to see a feature like this :wink: