Error: Allowed memory size exhausted


I have installed pimcore and i am trying to use the API to create and download asset. I am now testing with a +200MB video and creation works fine but when and use the GetAssetById i have a memory_limit error, i’ve got configured the memory_limit into php.ini file to 1024MB so ti don’t think that is the problem.

I’ve tried to updame the memory limiti of the composer but the process crash the machin and i think is not working properly the update command.

Any on with ideas to helpe solve the problem please?

Thanks in advance

Error Example, new users can’t upload files in the forum

 <div class="container">
                                <div class="trace trace-as-html">
                    <table class="trace-details">
                        <thead class="trace-head"><tr><th>
                            <h3 class="trace-class">
                                <span class="text-muted">(1/1)</span>
                                <span class="exception_title"><abbr title="Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\OutOfMemoryException">OutOfMemoryException</abbr></span>
                            <p class="break-long-words trace-message">Error: Allowed memory size of 524288000 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 319776960 bytes)</p>
                        <tbody><tr><td><span class="block trace-file-path">in <a href=";line=41#line41" title="Go to source"><strong>File.php</string> line 41</a></span></td></tr>