Error: Areabrick hero is not registered

Hi there,

im having issues installing pimcore on our Plesk Server.
After Deployment I always get the error message " Areabrick is not registered".

Im having no issues on my local laradock setup, which uses the same database and php version as the plesk instance.

I have read another Topic about this Error Message and the solution was to activate the Areabrick extensions. But the Areabricks are not listed under “Extensions”.

PHP: 7.2
MariaDB: 10.1

Hope someone can help :confused:

Where do they bricks come from? AppBundle or external Bundles? Maybe you don’t have the Bundle activated in your plesk env.

Hi, sorry for the late Reponse.
It was a problem with our server/database config.

I had to fix the database config and reinstall pimcore. :pensive: