Error during import upload

Hi there,

After fresh installation of pimcore 5 advanced-demo on centos 7 i tried to import simple CSV with new categories of products (just two values separated by “;”).
I select CSV file from my laptop and just after I receive below error message:

Timestamp: Wed Feb 27 2019 16:08:27 GMT+0100 (czas środkowoeuropejski standardowy) Status: 400 | Permission denied to access property “document” on cross-origin object URL: /admin/object-helper/import-upload?importId=5c76a7997a680&csrfToken=9f5824034fc1da18f29b1a1fd90651bee6be6136 Method: POST Message: {success:false,message:“Permission denied to access property “document” on cross-origin object”}

May I ask about some tips what’s I’m doing wrong, maybe some settings somewhere?
I’ve checked and this upload works there.
I tried to check this error message but there is no information about such case.

Thank you


After today’s update to version 5.6.6 unfortunately the error message is still the same.
Has anyone already met with such a case and can tell you how to solve it?

Thank you


Any ideas about my case please?
Lack of data import is really a blocking point for my organization to use pimcore in production mode.

Thank you

try import-definitions

I’ve installed fresh CentOS7 and pimcore ver. 6.2.1 - step by step

In fact I don’t know what was wrong previously but and import csv works for me now

Let’s close this topic