Estimate to implement PIM/MDM and DAM

Looking for rough estimates (days) to implement PIM/MDM and DAM for our eCom store (magento2).
We have around 3k SKUs and would need to integrate with old ERP system to pull SKUs definition to PIM and then export to M2. We do not have any experience with Pimcore, but a lot with PHP/js/cloud, etc.

We would like to use PIM mainly to keep static information around products, define attributes, product options etc. And of course keep products photos.

Any ideas?

Rough estimate:

  • Initial learning curve if you have no experience yet (Going through documentation): 5 days - 15 days
  • Creating your data model: 1 days - 5 days
  • Interface to ERP: 3 days - 15 days
  • Interface to Magento: 3 days - 15 days
  • Testing/QA: 3 days - 15 days

Not included:

  • Data migration / cleaning / content management
  • Workflows / individual user roles and layouts

So you should end up anywhere from 15 days - 65 days!

Thanks a lot.

Looks legit.