EventListener only working in Debug mode

Hi everyone

I am on Pimcore Version 5.6.6 and using an EventListener onPostUpdate Event for Objects. The Listener is registered in the services.yml and works fine when debug mode is enabled. Whenever I deactivate the debug mode, the onPostUpdate method is no longer executed.
When working locally, it works even when debug mode is turned off. Nevertheless, I can not figuring out why it’s not working on the server when debug mode is off.

Anyone an idea where this could come from?

Thanks for your help

I asked the same question a month ago but didn’t get an answer:


However, I was playing around with it again tonight, after seeing your post, and I was able to resolve my problem by clearing the cache for the “prod” environment:

bin/console cache:clear --no-debug

Maybe that will help you as well.

Good luck!

Of course… Clearing the cache… How could i forget to try this? It actually worked, so thank you!