Exclude a variant field from inherited

When creating variants with inheritance all unassigned values are automatically fetched from it’s parent product.

We want to exclude some fields from being inherited .

For example when we have an object T-Shirt with variant for the Size.
The name and descriptions are inherited properly, but we don’t want to inherit the Image from the parent T-Shirt object as the T-Shirt with size has the same value.

How can I setup this situation in PimCore 5.1 ?

you actually can’t

You can try setting a special image (white or something) and identify it as “default” image by its id or something.

Hi @dpfaffenbauer ,

Thank you for your fast reply.
Good to know I should not keep looking.

I see, just make a secondary field to fill variants only. I can work with that !

@dpfaffenbauer Is there a possibility to to this in Pimcore 6?

nope. nothing changed with 6