Export toolkit and pimcore 6

Hi guys!

I need to know the following. At the company I work at we have an instance of pimcore 5.7.2 we wanted to update it to 5.8. This did not go well. So we started from scratch with a new instance, this time the latest version of pim6 (6.8.1 at the moment of speaking).

The problem now is the following: we have a lot of export scripts that we used with “Export Toolkit”. But when I look at the documentation, Export Toolkit is not longer used in pim6 and up; replaced by DataDefinitions presumably?

I tried the following:

  • installing elements/exporttoolkit with adding these lines to my composer.json file:
    “pimcore/pimcore”: “>=6.0 <7.0”,
    “elements/process-manager-bundle”: “>=3.0”,
    “elements/exporttoolkit”: “>=3.0”

–> that did install processmanager but failed it failed to install “Export toolkit” that we used to do our exports with

my question: can we install Export toolkit in some kind of way on pim6 or do we really need to use DataDefinitions?

Thanks for the helps guys!