Ext 6 selectfield trigger a 404 error



I’m doing an ext 6 module for the specific need of a client.
It nearly works, but I get a “c is not a constructor” error because an AJAX request performed by Ext fail with a 404 http code.
The URL of the request is /admin/widget/selectfield.js?_dc=1526288157861

My code is

        closable: true,
        floating: true,
        width: 500,
        height: 300,
        title: "Panel title",
        items: [
                xtype: "fieldset",
                title: "Fieldset title",
                items: [
                        xtype: "selectfield",
                        label: "Label title",
                        listeners: {
                            "change": function (handle, newValue, oldValue, options)
                        options: options

If I remove the selectfield item descriptor, everything else works.
I don’t understand how I’m suppose to fix that.


there is no selectfield widget, thats why you get an error, check the documentation of ext classic first, it is called combo: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.5.0/classic/Ext.form.field.ComboBox.html


Thanks, it works now with combobox.