External Authentication


Hello, I would like to know how “simply” I can connect a user on the platform “admin” with these username and password?

The principle, it go on the page “/ login” from there, it is redirected to a proprietary authentication system and it returns me the info of the user “username” and “password”. I get these info and I have to make sure to redirect them to the pimcore admin by connecting them automatically.

One way to do?

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you can use the LOGIN_FAILED event, see https://github.com/pimcore/pimcore/blob/master/pimcore/lib/Pimcore/Event/AdminEvents.php#L41 .

This is fired when login against internal Pimcore users failed and can be used to authenticate against external systems - like authenticating, creating Pimcore user and logging in to that Pimcore user manually.



Thanks :wink:

I found a solution by looking in your security code.