Filter by value of the elements array when using object-list in REST API

I have an Object like this:

"data": {
    "path": "/Categories/MyCategory123",
    "creationDate": 1562949051,
    "modificationDate": 1573745086,
    "userModification": 2,
    "childs": [
            "id": 138747,
            "type": "object"
    "elements": [
            "type": "input",
            "value": "000001337",
            "name": "myCustomCode",
            "language": null

And now I want to find all objects using object-list in the REST API that have the value 000001337 in the elements array. How can this be done with a default Pimcore?

Or is this not possible with the default API and I should use the PHP API and create a custom API? Or the DataHub?

@TimPietrusky you can try
http://YOUR-DOMAIN/webservice/rest/object-list?apikey=[API-KEY]&q={“myCustomCode” : “000001337”}&objectClass=[CLASS-NAME]

For more details you can refer

@neha awesome, this does work! Adding the objectClass was the missing part. So only because of this, Pimcore knows which custom elements exist and the API can react to that. Thank you very much.

It would be super good if an example like this would be linked in the official documentation, or did I just not see it?