Filter report by formated date



I created a custom report and would like to allow an user to filter it for some Deadlines.
The deadlines are formatted via a SQL-View.

But this way it is not possible to filter, with the “filter type” option under “Custom reports”.

I tried using the “display type” option in the custom report creation, but this is pointless, because it is automatically formatted in the following format: “yyyy-dd-mm”, the default format in our country is “”

My question is: how can I set it up to show me a correct date format and how will I be able to filter it?


Ok I found out that for our case it might be helpful to edit vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Intl/DateFormatter/IntlDateFormatter.php

As far as I understand, tthis is the file where the formats are set.
But the only real format I recognize is “M/d/yy”
This is not the format that occurs in reports…

But might this be the right way?


No one here who knows this problem?

I can’t be the only one using this format…


Am I really the only one with this problem?
I feel like NO ONE uses this date-format…


Next try to get some help…


Still no one here who knows the answer to this problem?