Formbuilder Workflow/email - is empty

Hallo there,

I wont insert dachcom/formbuilder with new Workflow-feature, but I have a problem to get it to work. All the time there is the message:
’workflow channel “email” errored at step 1: - Expected response code 220 but got an empty response’.

What I have done:

Create Email-Template “mailRegistration” as "Mail/“Formbuilder-Email”

  • settings: filled “Subject”, “From” and “To” - Bundle: FormBuilderBundle

create page “anmeldung” in Pimcore-Backend

In the View-File of this page I add this line:

echo $this->areablock(‘formArea’);

Create a form in FormBuilder 3.3. In "FormConfiguration/Base:

  • named “registration”
  • ID: 1
  • form-action is address: “/anmeldung”
  • methode: POST
  • Entype: multipart/form-data
  • no condition
    and some fields (name … with filters “not_blank” …)

Output Workflow,

  • I create a new OutputWorkflow with name: “sendEmailOwner”.
  • As SuccessManagement I set: “redirect to document” and define it by drag&drop (in “default” and “german”).
  • In “Configuration”-Part I define “EmailChannel”. There are two tabs: “Default” and “German (CH)”.

in Tab-“Default”

  • I set my “mailRegistration” to “mailTemplate” (by Drag&Drop)
  • “openMailLayoutEditor” - I set some fields by Drag&Drop and close ist by “Ally and close”. Now status of “default” is “enabled”

in Tab-“German”

  • I set my “mailRegistration” to “mailTemplate” (by Drag&Drop)
  • “openMailLayoutEditor” - set some fields and close this editor.
    But the Status is “disabled”. When I open dies editor again, it is empty.

Now I save this Workflow.

In Pimcore-Backend of page “anmeldung” I select area “form” and in Edit, I

  • select “form_builder.area.form”: “registrierung”
  • select “form_builder.area.form_template”: “form_builder_form_template.bootstrap_3_layout”
  • select “form_builder.area.output_workflow”: “sendEmailOwner”

But now, when I check this form in Frontend and send it, I receive this error-message:

Error while dispatching workflow “sendEmailOwner”. Message was: “sendEmailOwner” workflow channel “email” errored at step 1: - Expected response code 220 but got an empty response

But why it is empty? And where is my mistake?


Hey mediafant. Looks fine to me. This message usually pops ups if there is something wrong with your smtp account / mail settings.

Hi Solverat, thanks for your hint. Great, that’s it - thanks. Perhaps it is possible to create a more informative message for this error.