Fresh demo-ecommerce install bug

clean install of demo-ecommerce today.
Looking around I went to the basketball page off the menu.
The page lists 14 items but the refiner for ‘black’ options says there are 20.
Looks like a bug to me.
If you want to see it:

Am I the only one seeing this bug ?

Also, page
the bottom option on the refiner of optionvalue.Orange looks a bit wrong.
Am I looking at a large job and huge learning curve to fix this myself ?

This demo has reached its end of life and is not supported any more

Please use the current demo instead

The very first install of pimcore i did, the installation docs only had the 2 options you show.
This last install had a list of 4. I thought i was on a newer set of install notes.
I’ve just hunted around and realised the list of 4 which gives basketballs is V5 and my old install was V6 which had cars.
When you have people arriving at your docs from google you need something more than v5 and v6 hidden away in the url to tell people which version the docs relate to,