Fresh install, looks like pimcore didn't install functions on mysql server

I submitted this as a bug on github, but I did notice that another bug reporter got redirected here, so I’m posting here as well. Fresh install of pimcore on Ubuntu 18.04. MySQL is on a separate server, and is 8.0.16. I can log into the admin interface, but certain things result in errors like the below. When I go to the MySQL server, there are no functions or stored procedures, but the tables and views do exist.

Timestamp: Thu Jun 13 2019 17:18:07 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
Status: 500 | Internal Server Error
URL: /admin/customermanagementframework/segment-assignment/inheritable-segments?id=3&type=document&_dc=1560464273438
Method: GET
Message: An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT PLUGIN_CMF_COLLECT_DOCUMENT_SEGMENT_ASSIGNMENTS(?)' with params [4]:

SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1305 FUNCTION [mydatabase].PLUGIN_CMF_COLLECT_DOCUMENT_SEGMENT_ASSIGNMENTS does not exist

normally these sql files should be executed during install.
Did you got any error message during install?

Keep in mind - to fully function, CMF currently needs MariaDB as database…


I didn’t see any errors during install. I’ll try to execute those sql files manually and see what happens. The installation documentation suggests that MySQL >= 5.6.4 is sufficient ( What wouldn’t function properly in MySQL vs MariaDB?