Get image ID with Data Definitions export

Is it possible to get the image id when exporting image URL’s with data definitions export?

I need the ID for image thumbnail generation (https://pimcore/Productimages/image-thumb____/test.jpg) so I need to rewrite the URL into the feed.

Image ID is easy: use expression:

image ? : null

@dpfaffenbauer that’s not working here:


Error: Variable “image” is not valid around position 1 for expression image ? : null.

Sorry, try value instead of image

Already tried that too but then I get this:

ERROR [console] Error thrown while running command “data-definitions:export -d Productexport -p ‘{“file”:“web/var/assets/Feeds/PimCore Export.csv”}’”. Message: “Cannot access protected property Pimcore\Model\Asset\Image::$id” [“exception” => Error { …},“command” => “data-definitions:export -d Productexport -p ‘{“file”:“web/var/assets/Feeds/PimCore Export.csv”}’”,“message” => “Cannot access protected property Pimcore\Model\Asset\Image::$id”]

In GetAttrNode.php line 78:

Seems some protection within Pimcore I am not able to access the image id?