getByPath fails when file begins with number

I noticed today during a migration effort that the files being transformed by a CLI script were failing because these file names began with numbers.

Example code:

$id = '3fd4edee-c671-4365-80d9-3f959af57ff9';
$asset = \Pimcore\Model\Asset::getByPath( '/resource-library/'.$id );
if( $asset ) {
    // Do stuff with $asset here...

In this case $asset is null no matter the state of the asset. But, when I change the first character of the file name to a non-numeric alpha character, it magically works. Not sure if this is a Linux issue or something more under-the-hood for Symfony/Pimcore, but it’s definitely not something I imagine to be expected behavior.

The Workaround:

$id = '3fd4edee-c671-4365-80d9-3f959af57ff9';
$assets = new \Pimcore\Model\Asset\Listing();
$assets->setCondition( 'path = ?', [ '/resource-library/' ] );
foreach( $assets as $asset ) {
    if( $asset->getFilename() != $id ) continue;
    // Do stuff with $asset here...

This just feels woefully inefficient and generally “icky”. Does anyone else know of a more elegant solution?

Version Info: PHP 7.2 / Pimcore 6.5.3 / Symfony 4.4.7