Got this error after importing customer csv file

i am trying to import customer list csv file inside the customer data object.

i am mapping all the required field and listed some and email.
when i import the csv file and click in import button i got this error .

please suggest me how ti solve this issue.

There must be some issue with the resolver settings.Kindly check your resolver settings again.

can you share me the process. how can i check resolver setting

then i am getting this error also.

i just import the customer csv file .after importing csv file i got error which i have sent before.

i just change the column name from id to file name inside the resolver setting and import again. i got the message ‘import successfully’ and customer list is visible inside the data object.
but when i click on that customer i found customer details are missing in it.
could you help me how to get all these details.

I can help if you can share your mapping screen and resolver setting screen and sample/format of your csv