Grid view filtering and Classification store


My tests shows that filtering and sorting on classification store values from grid views does not work.
I have tested this on demo environment.


  • Click on a folder containing products to show the grid view.
  • Add a column which comes from a classification store.
  • Set filter on that column => does not work
  • Set sorting on that column => does not work.

Can you tell us anything about that? Is it supposed to work? If not, are there any plans to support it?

Hello @AndrewAteles,

As I can see there is a problem with non-localized classification stores (for localized everything seems to be OK). I created a github issue for it ( I’ll do my best to fix it but maybe somebody else will be faster :smile:


:information_source: is closed :smile: so in 5.5 it should be fixed :smile: thx to @weisswurstkanone