Gridview + ObjectGetters


can someone please explain to me “what to enter - at which position” when configuring Grid view?

The - normally good - Documentation is IMO severely lacking in this regard (see:

My goal is to build a List which shows certain fields only if a selector has a certain value. Ok.

But: no matter whether I´ve chosen a class & subclasses with inheritance or a class and ObjectFields - I can´t get the Grid View to show the fields. I´ve tried, read the documentation, Googled, watched Youtube… I cannot figure out the Grid Configurator.

Here are some additional questions I try to find answers for:

  • What to enter in the Object-Getters? In Attribute, Brick Type, Brick Attribute, Offset, Forward Attribute, Forward Parameter…and especially i ObjectBricks themselves: ParentPHPClass, Title, Group, Class, Allowed class/field
  • Does it even work with “inherited values” from a parent class (I filled in parent class, checked “Inheritance allowed”, “Show in Grid”…?

I’m a novice, working in the backend, not on the code itself.