Hardlink.php - buildNavigation() - ERROR

Pimcore version 6.5.2

I sometime get this error and the page refers to page not found:
It happens in conjunction with:


request.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception Error: "__clone method called on non-object" at /application/vendor/pimcore/pimcore/models/Document/Hardlink.php line 179 {"exception":"[object] (Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exception\\FatalThrowableError(code: 0): __clone method called on non-object at /applications/vendor/pimcore/pimcore/models/Document/Hardlink.php:179)"} []

Any idea any help please!?

M. Ali


The problem seems to happen when you check in the checkbox:

Use properties from source document

in the hard link itself.

If this is not checked, you get no ERROR!