Host for Installation


Does pimcore needs a domain to host it, or is it possible to host it in local host?


You can install it locally on your localhost. You just need to set you document root to the web directory of the pimcore setup.
Note - You can not use it separated by directories like pimcore1, pimcore2 etc, you need to create virtual host for per setup and set the document root to the web directory.



Thank you @avneesh-webkul


@avneesh-webkul would you know when separated by directories with virtual hosts - how to separate also the sessions so you could login to each pimcore admins from the same browser? Does this come from webserver or php? Thanks


I have multiple setups and I’m able to use them simultaneously without any problem. I’m able to login on two admins at the same time and in the same browser and feel no issue in that.
I’ve given different names to all my pimcore setup, by giving some host name entries and that’s all, it is working perfectly fine. You need to do this, so that your server can identify, which setup are you referring to.
Please assign each virtual host different domain name into your localhost entry and it will work for sure.

I hope this will help you