How can I connect Pimcore with EasyCatalog?


Recently to make the catalogue generation smoother my company is planning to use EasyCatalog with the adobe Indesign. My question is : Is there a way to connect pimcore with EasyCatalog? Or what is best possible way to connect?


Hi Kariziazullah, did you ever get an answer to this? i am also looking to do the same thing.
If you know a way to do it, can you help me?


As far as I found out it is possible to feed EasyCatalog with XML or CSV. XML exports in Pimcore can be created by using the native PHP API, CSV exports directly in the user interface for all data objects! HTH


Or you can use Import-Definitions -> we recently implemented Exports as well, so you can also use other Export Formats as long as you implement another Export Provider:


With EasyCatalog you have different options (xml, csv, odbc…).

You can extend PimCore’s rest api adding the methods you need to export your data to EasyCatalog and then use the EasyCatalog’s xml module to fetch this data (it supports an url as the xml path).

You can connect directly to the PimCore’s database using the ODBC module (don’t know if I will suggest it for all the projects).

You can, as well, give your users a way to export the informations they need in excel/csv format, and then, use the exported file as EasyCatalog’s source.

Every approach as its pros and cons (I prefer the web-service+xml way) and it really depends on the project and on the data structure you have.

Hope this helps!