How can I disable default URL for Basic Ecommerce Framework

I’m using the ECommerce framework to create some dynamic pages on my website.

I setup some custom URLs for my product object via controllers, so my URLs look like{product-slug}
this is working great, but the problem is that I’ve discovered that all of those pages have a duplicate URL with the schema:{product-slug}

And this is hurting my SEO-performance big-time. The problem is I don’t know how to disable this, it’s surly not coming from my application-code, so I’m guessing it’s somehow autogenerated by the Ecommerce Framwork, but I have no idea how to disable it, I’ve looked into the .yaml files in app/config/common/ecommerce/ but I didn’t find anything. Also no luck looking for such setting on the admin GUI.

I’m using PimCore v6.6.1

Thanks in advanced!