How do i switch off profiler to stop it filling my disk in 1 day

I installed pimcore to have a play and 1 day later my drive is full. I only looked at 3 pages and I used a brand new domain so shouldnt be much passing traffic.
The drive is full of files under the profiler cache folder.
How do I switch the profiler off. What does it do. What is it profiling when I’m not even looking at the site.
Another topic said to edit config.yml and add
enabled: false

but then i get an error saying ‘profiler’ doesnt exist.
Is it really supposed to be this frustrating ?
All I want to do is install pimcore and see if its easy to mod and use as the basis of a shop.
Please save me time by telling me now if its going to be a fight at every little step.

On a public domain, you always should run Pimcore (any symfony app, really) in the Production environment. Check this:

This should disable the profiler and any other overly verbose logging.
Also, understanding your frustration, but I can say now (2 Pimcore projects completed, 1 more ahead) that using Pimcore is in fact quite a joy as a developer - I have 11 years experience with PHP and PHP-based frameworks and CMS and it is among the best and easiest to use I have seen so far.

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Thanks for the reply.
My normal way of working is to have 2 installs on the same server.
one as production and a subdomain as dev. I usually code the dev one so that it is accessible only with a password to keep bots etc out.
This does mean that the profiler is still capable of taking out my main public site by filling the disk shared with the dev install…
I would still like to know how to switch off the profiler in a dev environment if anyone knows.

        enabled: false

Should solve your problem, it should be placed on the “top level” of config.yml.

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Thanks for the reply, but I already explained that doesn’t work in my original message.

When you install the maintenance cron ( step 5), this should take care of cleaning up the profiler files.

Thank you.
I will give that a try.
Obviously, I have a lot to learn about pimcore