How do... several projects

I installed pimсore, everything works.
Now I need several projects on the same server.
I can put several copies of PIM, but it’s 600 megabytes!
I tried to transfer the vendor folder and forward it with a symlink - it does not work.
Is it possible to somehow take out part of the code “to the side” to work with several independent projects?

I would really recommend to just do separate installs with everything included, and not mess around with crosslinking vendors or similar shenanigans… it will come back to bite you in the butt later :wink:

600 MB per Project???
This is unreal!

No, that is how things work these days.

This is a conspiracy of world government and floppy disk manufacturers :frowning:

  1. Change app.php
  1. Change in autoload_static.php
    All as

and all as

Now work :slight_smile:
We are waiting for bugs :slight_smile:

but what if you need a plugin for one project but not the other? not possible with reusing the vendor dir.

Apparently not like :slight_smile: